My Goal

My goal is to foster healthcare independence for seniors and their families by providing information and resources, so they can make personal decisions regarding their health needs.



Five Questions to Consider when Choosing a Healthcare Plan:

Is there a good selection of healthcare providers from which to choose?

Will I be able to see the same healthcare provider with  each visit?

What medical services will be covered?

What will be my out-of-pocket expenses?

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

My book, Healthcare For Senior Citizens and Their Families, discusses the different types of healthcare systems and private health insurance, along with their websites so you can obtain more information.


Purchasing Health Insurance

If you are someone who just found out that your medical insurance was canceled, be sure to not only look at the monthly payments but also consider the deductibles and co-payments, when selecting a new insurance. 

Someone on TV just made a good suggestion. If you do like your healthcare provider, ask them first which insurance plans reimburse them, before you choose a plan.