5 Areas to Inspect when choosing an Assisted Living/ Skilled Nursing Facility

Everyone has individualized needs and desires when they are selecting an assisted living/ skilled nursing facility. However, there are 5 basic areas to inspect that can help when choosing a place. You or a loved one should make a visit to some of the available facilities. Ideally, these visits are made well ahead of the time when a move needs to be made.

The 5 main areas to be inspected include:
Residents: Do they look cared for? Are they and their family members happy with their care?

Staff: Do they call each resident by name? Are they respectful? Do they respond to resident requests in a reasonable amount of time?

Rooms/apartments: Do they seem pleasant and provide privacy? Are personal items/ furniture allowed? Is security provided? Is there easy access to the call system?

Activity facilities: Is anyone using them? Is there a posted schedule? Does the schedule provide a variety of activities?

Dinning room: Is there a pleasant atmosphere? Were you invited to a meal? How was the food?

My book Healthcare Handbook for Senior Citizens and Their Families discusses these guidelines in more depth, as well as the various types of facilities available for seniors.
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Palliative Care

Palliative care is a multidiscipline (medical, nursing, therapy, etc.) approach for control of symptoms of a disease, including symptoms resulting from its treatment. One does not need to be dying to receive palliative care. The term palliative means to make less intense or less severe. The symptoms may include physical, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual.
My book, Healthcare Handbook for Senior Citizens and Their Families discusses many of these symptoms with some suggestions for their control,
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