My Big Sister

Karen-Peg 2

My ‘big’ sister died peacefully earlier today.She was 86 years old.

I have lots of good memories, thanks to her.


A major concern for individuals facing end-of-life is uncontrolled pain. Medication therapy is the first line of pain control. Frequently, a combination of drugs are used to improve effectiveness. Additionally, pain therapy can be enhanced with relaxation and/or distraction therapies. Some examples of these therapies are: Relaxing music A quiet atmosphere Massages Entertaining or humorous movies/TV shows. My book Healthcare Handbook for Senior Citizens and Their Families discusses other issues related to end-of-life care. Visit my website: Scan

Happy Independence Day

Have a safe, enjoyable holiday.
If traveling:
Drive safely. Take rest breaks at least every 2 hours.
Stop mail and paper delivery, while away.
Make sure doors and windows are locked.
Do not announce that you are traveling on
social media.
Enjoy visits with family and friends.
Don’t forget to check on family and friends, who are elderly and/or disabled.