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Three Resources for someone needing Skilled Nursing Care

First, each state has an ombudsman program for long term care residents.The local ombudsman is a trained advocate for long term care residents in
their area. They can provide information about available long term care options in the area. They will, also, follow up on and try to resolve any complaints
submitted by residents or their representatives.

Second, Nursing Home Compare examines information about skilled nursing facilities in your area. The information is laid out in an easy to understand
manner. The staffing section identifies the various levels of staff and how many hours per resident per day is available at the facility. This data is based on
state inspections of the facilities. You can access this information at

Third, each skilled nursing facility should have a resident/family council. Becoming involved in the facility’s council would help you become
aware of special issues concerning the facility and provide an avenue to foster improvements of care, if needed.

In addition to these three resources, don’t forget about your state’s Department of Health Services. They have a lot of useful information available on
their website and valuable contact information.